What is WHOLE-istic Living?

Ahhh July!
The sun is shining.
Birds are singing,
Dogs are barking.
People are OUTSIDE:
Walking, gardening, reading a good book,
talking with friends--
Enjoying the very heart of summer. 
It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?
Unless you are in PAIN.
Or stressed out. 
Or completely overwhelmed. 
Then, no matter HOW nice the day, it’s tough to enjoy it, right?
I understand. 
I’ve been there. 
And that’s how I learned about WHOLE-istic Living.
It’s about more than “eating right” & “exercising.” 
It’s about connecting body, mind and spirit to be your BEST self. 
But what if you’re NOT your best self right now? 
Lingering injury? 
Soul-crushing anxiety? 
Restless, interrupted sleep? 
Stressed out and on edge? 
Diet after diet disaster? 
You’re not alone!
There are SO MANY people that share these same challenges!
It’s an ENDLESS cycle that can REALLY wreak havoc on your life!
So what can you DO?
HOW can you break the pain cycle and take control of your life?
What about an ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT option? 
Myofascial Release?
Have you heard of these but never tried them?
Have you wondered if they “really work” or are just another “gimmick?”
No worries!
Let’s find out what these alternative treatments are all about!
Got questions?
I’ve got answers!
Q: What, EXACTLY, is Yoga?  It just looks like stretching. . .
A: Yoga is WAY MORE than stretching!  Yoga treats your WHOLE SELF!  Medical News Today shared this definition in September, 2018: “Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy.  Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.”   Want to learn more? Check out the rest of the article here https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/286745.php

Q: Do I have to be super flexible or have really great balance to try Yoga?  It looks hard. . . 
A: No! In fact, many people do yoga to GET more flexible and to IMPROVE their balance.  Additional health benefits of yoga include: improved circulation, increased strength and flexibility, decreased anxiety, calmer mood, increased focus and mental clarity, decreased stress. . . and the list goes on!  With advanced, beginner, and sitting “chair yoga” as options, yoga truly provides something for EVERYONE!

Q: I have never heard of Myofascial Release?  Is that some type of new trend? 
A: No!  Myofascial Release is a hands-on treatment technique that focuses on tissue restrictions. It was developed by internationally recognized Physical Therapist John F. Barnes back in the 1960’s when he was suffering from a life-changing injury and not getting 
relief from traditional medicine. Since then, Barnes has trained over 100,000 therapists and physicians from all over the world in his Myofascial Release Approach. Sound interesting?  Check out John Barnes’s website for yourself!  www.MyofascialRelease.com 
Q: Does Massage really work?  I thought massage was a “feel good” luxury, like going to a spa. 
A: Therapeutic massage has MANY health benefits WAY beyond just “feeling good!”  Therapeutic massage works to improve circulation, decrease edema, and lower stress.  But don't think you have to grit your teeth through a deep tissue massage.  Many studies have proven that a gentler approach has a longer effect on the benefits massage offers.  If it is pain relief you are looking for, massage alone will only provide you temporary relief.  Massage in combination with John Barnes Myofascial Release is far superior when working with pain and trauma.
Q: I struggle with proper diet and nutrition.  I want to be healthier, but I don’t know where to start!
A: I understand! There are literally DOZENS of different and conflicting nutrition ideas and diets and, quite frankly, it’s overwhelming! So where to start? Go back to the basics. Try cutting out fast food and processed food and focusing on WHOLE foods—eat the apple not the apple pie! With whole foods you know EXACTLY what you're eating—a tomato is a tomato and nothing more.  Learn more by reading Dr. Mark Hyman’s book: Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? 
That’s a LOT of information! 
Do you feel a sense of hope?
Did one technique or idea stand out to you?
I hope so!
Want to learn more?
Go for it!
Sign up for a yoga class.
Make a myofascial appointment.
Schedule a massage.
Check out that nutrition book.
Try a new recipe—the sky’s the limit!
YOU are worth the effort!
YOUR HEALTH is worth the effort!
So go ahead—
Make your move!
Take that next step!
It’s YOUR health, 
It’s YOUR life!
Make it a good one!