From a young age, I have always known I was meant to help people improve themselves inside and out.  Being an athlete, I found that massage had so much more to offer than just relaxation and stress relief and by the young age of 15 I knew massage therapy was how I wanted to help others.  I graduated from massage school in 2006 and began my path to helping others.  The human body and how it moves has always fascinated me and when I was ready to add another tool to my belt of offerings I chose yoga because of its complimentary benefits to massage.  I knew from personal experience yoga helped the body similarly to massage in the way of injury prevention, recovery, and performance enhancement, but it wasn't until I began my yoga teacher training in 2016 that I truly understood the wholeness of Yoga, that not only is it a great workout but it also heals you from the inside.  Learning this changed my life and I now love being able to share the teachings of yoga with others so they too can benefit from it.  Shortly after becoming a yoga teacher I took a Myofascial Release(MFR) workshop and when I learned that there is a connection between the mind and the body through your fascia I finally saw a way I could treat people both inside and out simultaneously.  Between massage, yoga, and MFR I have the perfect trio of tools to help people improve themselves inside and out.


I graduated from Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in 2006.  My main areas of continuing education include Aromaology, Posturology and Deep Tissue work.

I am a 200-hour registered yoga teacher through Copper Tree’s Hope School of Yoga.  I like to say I'm a regular persons yoga teacher, an athlete who fell in love with yoga with my classes based in functionality.  I enjoy teaching a variety of styles including Beginners, Hatha, and YIN as well as a variety of abilities.  My classes are based in the traditional yoga approach in which we integrate the body, mind, and soul utilizing all forms of Yoga, breathe, mantra, meditation, and postures, in class.  In June 2018 I spent 4-weeks at the Satchidananda Ashram immersing myself in the Yoga lifestyle.  I deepened my understanding of why and how we practice Yoga along with connecting with my reason for teaching Yoga.  Yoga is a staple in my daily life.

I study Myofascial Release under John F. Barnes.  I have taken MFR 1, Unwinding, and have worked alongside John personally in his weeklong Skills Enhancement Seminar.  I plan to continue my studies in MFR because I see this modality as the true holistic approach to any issue (mind or body) that arises.

Whether you see me for massage, yoga, or MFR, my hope is for you to leave feeling uplifted, lighter and with a smile on your face.  My only goal is to empower you to find your full potential and to know everything you need you have within you.