Don Kruse

Remove selfishness. Remove hesitation. Give review. Why was I selfish in NOT giving a review sooner? Because when I make an appointment in the future I do not want to hear Katie is overbooked.

Still, Katie does a great job and she deserves to be reviewed by yours truly. So, grab a cup of go-go juice and take a gander at these words that follow. -->

I had done some damage to my arm a year ago, almost to the month. Being bull-headed, I was going to work through the pain and over-come the injury through pure determination and being thick-skulled. A lousy 66 miles and a ride around the block was all Olympus, my mighty steed of HD breed, was going to see in 2018. My arm would not allow me to ride him safely so into his stall he went while I continued to self-suffer.

This past January of the year 2019 seen my right-hand reach for ol’ Ma Bell to locate a specialist to “make me right” again, at least in my arm area. I couldn’t complete the call.

Two days later, OK, maybe three days later, I had seen a photo of Katie on the internet donating for some worthy cause, of which, at the moment, slips my gray mass. Either way, I decided to give her a call. Why not, right? I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain over seeing a specialist, or some other form of human in white clothing. (Medications, time off work, surgeries, maybe loss of use…yes, I had nothing to lose by contacting Katie.)

To edit this long review a wee bit shorter, Katie did her “magic”.

Magic, you ask? No, she did not put me in a boiling pot with toads and eye of newt; but it was MAGIC!

I do not understand what she does, but IT WORKS!!! What I can tell you is this, it’s not a snapping of the bones, nor is it a massage per se. What’s left? Magic. A soothing, peaceful, calm of being healed by skilled, learned hands.

A short time later -hours, not minutes- after my first appointment, I was out of pain. The second appointment took care of little bits of “bad stuff” that was still in my arm.

You know what I did then? I messed my arm up with a power drill getting stuck…another long story…but Katie made me well AGAIN.

Since then, I have gone out to the barn and talked with Olympus. What did I say to him? “My faithful pal, this year we ride. This. Year. We. Ride.”

Thank you, Katie!

Gary Weber

I went to see Katie after going to physical therapy for a pulled muscle / pinched nerve in my neck. The pain got worse and traveled underneath my arm pit. PT helped but it wasn’t as effective as I hoped. I was now in severe pain and it was affecting my sleep and daily activities. My alternatives were chiropractic or trying Katie’s MFR treatment. Knowing not what to expect, I was skeptical. Katie started out treating areas that I thought may not be relative to my treatment but they were. Eventually she targeted the trouble area and worked on that. After one session my pain was reduced by 50%+. I now had hope that relief was in sight. She gave me stretches to do and after one more visit I was pain free.  She showed patience and skill in her craft. I would recommend her.

Linda Worley

I went to Katie for my shoulder to help increase my range of motion after surgery. She did a MFR treatment on me and the improvement was amazing. The next day I could reach higher with less restriction. She is very knowledgeable of the process and definitely knows what she is doing. I would highly recommend her for anyone who has pain or stiffness.
I only wish I lived closer so I could see her on a routine basis.
Thanks Katie!

Courtney Bartlett

Katie does an amazing job! Her Myofascial Release is top notch. I went in with some pretty severe shoulder pain and loss of range of motion, and she was able to give me back some flexibility in my shoulders and pain relief. I highly recommend making an won't regret it.

Laura Grossman

Katie is a wonderful yoga instructor! I am so glad that she is in our community helping us to focus on our inner spirit as much as our physical body. I especially love and look forward to the meditation portion of our sessions. It helps me stay "grounded" during my very busy week. Thank you Katie!

Jessica Johnson

Katie does an incredible job of leading yoga isn't just about the yoga, it's also about enlightenment! I leave feeling relaxed and calm, yet my body has been physically challenged.

Mary Daley

Katie's MFR work is outstanding. She is the 2nd MFR person I've been to and I won't be looking any further for someone. She's help to give me some pain relief.

Lori Berg-Platt

Sincere, truly believes in the benefits of yoga and shares her passion. The session at Tahoe Park was wonderful and the hour flew by. Looking forward to more sessions with her. Outdoor ones especially.

Madi Grace Hawkinson

Katie did my first(and deffinitly not my last) MFR treatment on Saturday. I have had spinal issues since I was a child, scoliosis, Bertolotti syndrome, Sciatica.. you name it. I've always dealt with constant back pain to the point where I've needed to give up hobbies and some normal activities that any 20 year old should easily be able to do. When I told Katie that I had these issues, she told me that she had been doing a workshop activity that could potentially help with the pain. Being open to whatever I could possibly get my hands on, I agreed to her MFR treatment. I'm not saying it cured me, but since Saturday the pain that is usually about a 8 throughout my body decreased to a 4. I'm SO excited to continue with this treatment, and highly recommend it to ANYBODY. Thank you so much Katie! I'll see you soon

👌Jayne Chiapusio Schneider

Katie is a great teacher and inspiration both on and off the mat. She focuses on the complete being and helping you become the best you can be! On the mat, Katie is a gifted instructor who teaches that yoga is a way of life, not just a physical act. Her classes incorporate proper breathing, posture, and a reminder that we are exactly where we need to be at this moment! In addition to her classes, she offers one and one sessions. Being a true beginner, I didn't understand a lot of the poses, or the true stance of the poses. Katie listened to my concerns and through personal classes I am learning how to correctly practice yoga on the mat. Off the mat, Katie has a talent for helping the body heal physically through myofascial release massage. This is not a one size fits all massage, but it is customized to your body's specific needs. With everything Katie offers, you quickly release that she truly cares for the human body and spirit. Investment in yourself and let Katie help guide you! You will not be disappointed.