The Body as One, Part 2

Like I mentioned is the previous blog, the idea of our physical body being only parts that are put together like a car is outdated and many now see the body as one connected unit.  The same goes for our mind-body connection.  For a long time, it was thought that our brain controlled and housed everything that made us human, our body a mindless machine, but new technology and research has begun to prove that concept inaccurate as well.  “Scientists have discovered a bidirectional network of communication between our mind and body by way of emotions” (John F Barnes).  What does this mean?  Our consciousness (thoughts/feelings/emotions) does not just reside in our brain, it flows throughout our body by way of a full body network, our fascial system.  And since the fascial system reaches EVERY component of the body (single cells to muscles and organs to our skin) so does our consciousness.  So now that I have the science-y part out of the way I hope the next few examples will help show you what this all means.

I’m going to start with a personal experience.  A few years ago, I realized I had developed a fear of mountain driving when I had a panic attack driving Trail Ridge Rd in CO, actually it was worse than that, even the hills and curves we drive to get to Devils Lake, WI would put me in a state of anxiety where I’d be gripping the sides of my seat and wishing Matt to slow down.  I have no idea where this fear stemmed from.  Now lets travel to my time in PA for my Myofascial Release internship with John F Barnes.  I decided to drive out there thinking the Smoky Mountains weren’t as big as the Rockies and that my anxiety would hence remain under control.  I was wrong, there were about 2 times I had started crying, and I was going at least 10 under the speed limit.  I finally made it to PA and started my week of working with John.  Along with working I also received Myofascial Release treatments.  I ended up in tears every time.  There was no talk therapy (which I have used in the past), just hands on treatment, and I hadn’t felt such relief in years.  The week flew by and it was time to head home.  I got in my car and started driving east into the mountains anticipating the anxiety.  It never came.  I drove through the mountains with ease and enjoyment taking in all the beauty of nature.  Now, I don’t know what exactly my anxiety was based from, but I do know that I held it in my body, not in my head.

Next, I’ll share a story John shares in his book, Healing Ancient Wounds.  He writes about a lady that came to him with neck and shoulder pain and chronic headaches.  She had been in a car accident a year prior and the doctors could not seem to find the cause of this continued pain for all the tests came back clear and physically she should be pain free.  (That’s the thing about fascial restrictions/emotional blockages, they don’t show up on any current tests).  The only thing the doctors could do was offer pain medication.  She finally ended up seeing John with her sisters urging.  In her second session she had a vision of a yellow fire hydrant and a flood of emotions concerning her children and what they would do without her.  She realized these were the emotions that had occurred during the accident and she was finally dealing with them, feeling them.  She was instantly free from pain and headaches after that session.  When she got home she drove to the crash site and lo-and-behold there was a yellow fire hydrant.  All that fear and emotion was stored within her tissues manifesting as pain and headaches. 

I hope these examples help you understand that your thoughts and feelings, your consciousness, are not limited to your brain but that they flow throughout the entire body primarily using the fascial system as their highway.  How we have become disconnected from our bodies is a whole other subject I look forward to sharing with you in the near future.  STAY TUNED!

For more insight read: John F Barnes book, Healing Ancient Wounds and,