Resolutions vs Intentions

This is the time of year when we begin to look inward. What is being thankful? What is giving? Is receiving selfish? What do I want to change about myself in the new year?

For a long time, I did the New Years Resolution thing and without fail I always failed. I’d set goals, make a plan to achieve them, and I’d ‘be good’… for a while. I’d eventually fail at my plan and felt like a failure as well. I realized this approach of making a resolution wasn’t helping me make any changes. If anything, it made me feel ‘not good enough’ to change.

So, instead of looking at the New Year to make these big, life-changing resolutions, I decided to have an intention of feeling more peace in 2019. Being intentional allows me to remain present and align my commitments, activities, connections with an underlining sense of peace. I wake up and ask myself ‘how can I bring peace into my life today?’. If a part of my day looks to be more chaotic than peaceful, I can approach it with awareness and move through it more mindfully than if I was ignorant to the upcoming situation.

Here’s the difference:

Making a resolution means we are lacking in something and we will only be happy/fulfilled when we attain this ‘resolution’ and/or have changed who we are. Example: I need to lose 10lbs to feel better about myself and look good in jeans. I have to go to the gym for an hour every day and stop eating carbs.

Setting an intention doesn’t start from a place of lack. You intend to add to your life. It’s more about the journey than the outcome.

You can still want to lose 10lbs, but its not about fitting into high school jeans. It involves caring enough about yourself to eat good food and exercise. Naturally, the pounds will come off, but it’s not because you need to change who you are.

Intention setting is a daily process; you must live your intention. It is called a practice because it is an ever-renewing process. You will find as you become more intentional you reflect on your day more. Asking yourself if ‘this’ aligns with your intention, do I really need ‘that’ in my life. And we grow from a place of fulfillment not lack.

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