*ShaktiShiva's yoga classes focus on alignment, strength, and mobility for all levels, beginner to studied practitioner.  Katie's classes will help you move better, clear the mind, and tone your muscles.

Katie says she 'the regular persons yoga teacher'.  An athlete that fell in love with yoga, she will focus on functional poses and simple sequences with an occasional challenge pose that will keep your body mobile and strong.  She will always offer variations, modifications, and tools to help her students access the pose that is right for them and their body.

*Be sure to check my Facebook page for special classes and events!

8-week Online Yoga Course

All-Levels September 9th - October 28th

A weekly all-levels class emailed to you every Monday for 8 weeks. $60 paid in full or $8/week

Call Katie to sign-up (262) 490-1243

Tuesday - Living Dance Ballroom (session starts 7/16-8/20)

All-Levels 8:30-9:30

This will be an all-levels class suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis. We will utilize the physical postures, breath work and meditation to bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance. Yoga props and modifications will be integrated into class to help make postures accessible for all. Plan on feeling limber in the body, strong in the mind, and full of spirit leaving class.

Call Leinani at (262) 201-0408 for more information and registration

Thursday - Facebook

Level 1/2 8-8:30am

Join me while I practice Thursday mornings. This class will flow continuously and mindfully through level 1/2 yoga postures preparing your body and mind for the day.


Saturday - SOL Hot Yoga

Power 7:10-8:10am (every other Saturday)

A 60-minute strong flow class. We will move at a continuous pace and incorporate challenging postures. Previous yoga experience necessary.

Call (608) 837-4646 to sign up

Hot Flow 8:45-9:45am

This class will bring you Standing Poses and Sun Salutations to hip openers and spinal twists, expect a little of everything in this class suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners looking for a well-rounded practice that includes both strength and flexibility. (95 degrees)

Call (608) 837-4646 to sign up

Upcoming Special classes and workshops

CARE for Dodge County Yoga Class: August 14th 7pm 900 Green Valley Rd, Beaver Dam Donation-Based

8-week Online Course: September 9 - October 28th