Thought of the Day 5/29/18


Had a wonderful MFR treatment yesterday.  Lots of insight bubbled to the surface.... during part of the session all I felt I needed to do was scream and the pain would leave my body but the only noise I could make was small and weak.  I couldn’t connect to the depth inside my belly that was yearning to be heard, yearning to be let out.  I didn’t connect yesterday but I will and it may be loud and messy, everything I was told not to be, but I’ll find myself and find my voice. “Use your inside voice” “act like a proper little girl/boy” “don’t speak when the grown ups are busy” “what will other people think”... phrases all children have heard.  When we don’t allow our children to express themselves we’re telling them that who they are isn’t good or right and the insidious cycle of not being good enough starts.
How do we change how we raise our children so they don’t loose that connection to their Self and still understand right/wrong, boundaries?  #letyourselfbeheard #screaming #findyourvoice #yoga #jfbmyofascialrelease #connecttoyourself