Thought of the Day 3/25/2018

Reflection without judgement leads to understanding.
Last week in Sedona was liberating, beautiful, expressive, and mind blowing.  I came home expecting to carry this awesome energy forward but I found myself fatigued and sluggish.  I kept trying to force myself into activity, saying to myself to push through and my energy will return.  Well, it never came.  All week I felt like this and it wasn’t until I took a moment to still my mind and honestly reflect on why my body/mind feels this way did I get my answer.
Complete honesty here, I still hold an irrational fear(from a childhood eating disorder) that comes up occasionally that if I’m not doing some type of daily activity I will instantly get lazy and fat.  Through my reflection, looking back at my vacation, I never stopped. I went from a very intense, emotional workshop into mountain hiking 5-10 miles 3 days in a row.  I need to remember, like I tell my students, you need to rest, your body/mind needs time to absorb your experiences or you’ll remain exhausted and loose them.
Your mind/body is constantly giving you feedback but you will only hear it if you allow yourself to get still.  It’s not a coincidence that silent and listen have the same letters. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #instajournal #sedona #slowdown #reflection #silentlistening #feelingishealing #thoughtoftheday