Thought of the Day 2/28/2018


Science and technology don’t hold a candle to the human spirit.
All the fancy gadgets and “routine” surgeries available to us lack human connection.  Even our doctors, who take a pledge to do no harm, spend at most 15 minutes with their patient and the best they can do is offer a pill or going under the knife. Who can truly heal in such a sterile, impersonal, and harmful environment?

Yoga and bodywork use the tool of touch and compassion and feeling.  It allows the person to get in tune with their body, to feel their body and treat the cause as well as the manifested symptoms, not mask and ‘fix’ their problem.
Disease is apart of you not an alien that invaded your body.  So, instead of telling a part of you, “you’re bad, I must get rid of you”, show compassion to the disease.  Nourish the area instead of cutting it out.  Love is the ultimate cure.
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