Thought of the Day 2/2/18

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Thought of the Day: Life isn’t just rainbows and butterflies.  For the past week I have been in this funk, an energetically heavy mood.  Sleepy, unmotivated, craving comfort food... just heavy all around.  Stagnant energy can cloud your ‘rainbows and butterflies’ so find a way to get that energy to move!  In summer I use my mat time for more opening and deep release work and running is my movement so when this mood came and didn’t leave I realized that as my time outside shifts to more indoor for winter the work on my mat needs to shift towards a more active practice.  Today I did an amazing Vinyasa class via @yogaglo and my mood shifted almost instantly!  Movement is my therapy but sometimes I forget that and crawl into my hole like anyone else.  It was taking the time to reflect that brought light to my issue.  When you don’t the why or just in a funk, reflect, become still, silence the mind and listen.  Answers will come #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #mytherapy #movementismedicine #movementtherapy #winterblues #winterrunning