Thought of the Day 1/17/18


Practice makes the impossible possible.  Whether it’s a yoga pose, a recipe, or a dream job, all of these are attainable with practice, focus, hard work.  Arm balances were my impossible.  Yeah I could do Bakasana but that was all I attempted because just looking at pictures of other balances my mind went right to ‘I can’t do that’ never even trying anything different.  I stayed in my comfort zone. Then I took @jason_crandell s 14-day @yogaglo strength challenge and I was put into some of these arm balances I deemed ‘impossible’ and lo-and-behold I could kinda do them, or least began to understand the muscles needed to get into the pose.  Now, the first time ever trying the pose pictured above it wasn’t very pretty, my quad muscle cramped so bad it was sore for like 3days after lol!  But I kept trying and now I’m able to hold for a few breathes.  Moral of the story?  Whether it’s a yoga pose, a recipe, a dream job, NOTHING is impossible.  It may take hard work, it may hurt, you may get frustrated some days and say F-it.  But come back, learn from the failed attempts, try again, and notice the small improvements.  It’s the small things that keep you going, that show you IT IS POSSIBLE! #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #nothingsimpossible #keepgoing #hardwork #nevergiveup