Thought of the Day 1/14/18

I can’t remember that night. That night everything changed. What was said?, What did I do?, how much did I drink?  All I know is that none of it matters now.  Whatever happened helped me change.  Helped me see the light.  Helped me to love myself.  I can’t remember that night but I can remember the old Katie.  The Katie that didn’t love herself, the Katie that harmed her and others.  THIS Katie knows love.  THIS Katie feels love.  THIS Katie is happy all because of the night I can’t remember.  I took a Yoga & Writing class @yogaview with @tracybleierpractice.  AMAZING!  I have never experienced such flowing words before and such powerful energy produced through everyone there.  We wrote a few a different things but here is the one that I literally felt like layers of old shit were being being peeled off me like peeling an onion.  The prompt was ‘I can’t remember... #yogaandwriting #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaview #soberlife #selflove #icantremember