Thought of the Day 5/29/18


Had a wonderful MFR treatment yesterday.  Lots of insight bubbled to the surface.... during part of the session all I felt I needed to do was scream and the pain would leave my body but the only noise I could make was small and weak.  I couldn’t connect to the depth inside my belly that was yearning to be heard, yearning to be let out.  I didn’t connect yesterday but I will and it may be loud and messy, everything I was told not to be, but I’ll find myself and find my voice. “Use your inside voice” “act like a proper little girl/boy” “don’t speak when the grown ups are busy” “what will other people think”... phrases all children have heard.  When we don’t allow our children to express themselves we’re telling them that who they are isn’t good or right and the insidious cycle of not being good enough starts.
How do we change how we raise our children so they don’t loose that connection to their Self and still understand right/wrong, boundaries?  #letyourselfbeheard #screaming #findyourvoice #yoga #jfbmyofascialrelease #connecttoyourself

Thought of the Day 5/24/18

Good morning! Who else is enjoying some coffee ☕️? Some mornings are tougher than others and I found that if I go with the energy the day gave me, even it means rearranging/letting go of my morning routine, my body and mind thank me and start to work with me instead of against me.
Show your mind and body love and they will show you love back

#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #shaktishivamassageandyoga #jfbmyofascialrelease #showyourselfsomelove #loveyourself #listen #coffee #beflexible #befluid


Thought of the Day 5/14/18

There are times your mind gets the best of you.  You fall for all the what ifs it presents, you make a decision out of fear not love, and then you realize the mind beat you this time and you get down on yourself.  We are human, this happens, but you have two choices... follow the rabbit hole of looking backwards, regretting, using I should’ve talk OR move on, learn the lesson so next time you can identify when the mind is trying to take hold.
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #jfbmyofascialrelease #shaktishivamassageandyoga #neverlookback #keepgoing #yogateacher #myofascialrelease


Thought of the Day 5/11/18

Until we bring forth what is lying in the subconscious, we are ignoring the part of ourselves that brings this world to life- Alanna Kaivalya.  Our shadow side, when left alone, becomes the master of the mind and works off past experiences and old conditioning.  Shine light on the shadow and regain control by gaining awareness. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #mythology #yogateacher #shadowside #awareness #light @percplace


Thought of the Day 5/1/18

Identity is within... it is when we attach our identity to our external life we find suffering.  External life... our career, our abilities, our beauty... waxes and wanes and so, with our identity linked to them, does our self worth.  Find your identity within and steady the roller coaster we call life #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #jfbmyofascialrelease #shaktishivamassageandyoga #trueidentity #findyourtruenature


Thought of the Day 4/25/18

The universe works in mysterious ways.
So today my schedule was pretty tight due to a mix up with my online scheduling platform.  I could’ve very well blamed the online scheduler and rescheduled my client but I told myself I could make this work even though my day would be a bit rushed. Now, come this morning one person dropped out of my event giving me an extra 30 minutes. The universe helps you out even when you don’t ask. Keep following your purpose and things will all work out😊 #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #jfbmyofascialrelease #shaktishivamassageandyoga #followyourpassion #everythingworksout #workinhard #makingthingshappen

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Thought of the Day 4/15/18

One year ago I would’ve been happy for day like today in April.  It would’ve meant work snow day, lol.  Today, tho, I am disappointed I can’t work!
What a year makes! And what following your dreams can do for your mindset!  I love what I do now(even tho its same thing I was doing this time last year but on my terms, my schedule). Follow your dreams and find happiness 🙏🏻❤️ #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #winterinapril #followyourdreams #followyourheart #followyourpassion #jfbmyofascialrelease #yogateacher #wisconsin #wisconsinlife


Thought of the Day 4/12/18


It is days like this when I need that stillness.
It is days like this I could venture down that dark rabbit hole.
It is days like this my inner strength shines thru.
It is days like this I am grateful for my daily practice and MFR self-treatment.
Awareness is key to not travel down that rabbit hole. Find your stillness and find your strength.
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #iamaware #shaktishivamassageandyoga #jfbmyofascialrelease

Thought of the Day 4/9/2018

“Our society is running from pain, masking it, medicating it, never really feeling it”-John F Barnes

So many times people are misdiagnosed and all they need to do is allow themselves feel.  This way of thinking is not the norm, sometimes I hear ‘woo-woo’ lol, but the difference I’ve seen within myself and my patients is night and day. Feeling can get loud and ugly but I d rather have that than walk around in a medicated zombie state. #shaktishivamassageandyoga #feel #thoughtoftheday #letgo #jfbmyofascialrelease #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher


Thought of the Day 4/4/2018

Springtime is for new beginnings and growth. Release yourself from the cocoon of winter and bloom into the beautiful flower you are.
Growth starts with melting the snow off old, outdated thoughts and routines to expose the fresh, new buds of growth.  Only when we get rid of the snow will those buds have room to flourish. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #jfbmyofascialrelease #springtime #newgrowth #confusedgirlla #confusedgirlleggings #findyourtruenature

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Thought of the Day 3/25/2018

Reflection without judgement leads to understanding.
Last week in Sedona was liberating, beautiful, expressive, and mind blowing.  I came home expecting to carry this awesome energy forward but I found myself fatigued and sluggish.  I kept trying to force myself into activity, saying to myself to push through and my energy will return.  Well, it never came.  All week I felt like this and it wasn’t until I took a moment to still my mind and honestly reflect on why my body/mind feels this way did I get my answer.
Complete honesty here, I still hold an irrational fear(from a childhood eating disorder) that comes up occasionally that if I’m not doing some type of daily activity I will instantly get lazy and fat.  Through my reflection, looking back at my vacation, I never stopped. I went from a very intense, emotional workshop into mountain hiking 5-10 miles 3 days in a row.  I need to remember, like I tell my students, you need to rest, your body/mind needs time to absorb your experiences or you’ll remain exhausted and loose them.
Your mind/body is constantly giving you feedback but you will only hear it if you allow yourself to get still.  It’s not a coincidence that silent and listen have the same letters. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #instajournal #sedona #slowdown #reflection #silentlistening #feelingishealing #thoughtoftheday


Thought of the Day 3/22/2018

The first time we attempt to be still, become silent, is a lot like slamming on the brakes in the car.  Everything else keeps moving while you try to remain focused.  A conflict arises between the restless mind and the one trying to meditate.  But as you continue to keep coming back to stillness the restless mind begins to quiet and a sense of joy and bliss overcomes you.  Quieting yourself takes time, it takes the brain awhile to realize you have stopped moving.  Have the discipline to return to stillness even tho it may seem daunting, have the patience with yourself to retrain the mind.  Practice, and all is coming... #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #instajournal #jfbmyofascialrelease #stillness #feelingishealing #peace


Thought of the Day 3/13/18

When move from a place of distraction (monkey brain) to a place of direction (conscious centering) you find wisdom.  Quieting the brain, going inward, letting go are all ways to move into direction, understanding, wisdom. Here you find peace, relief of pain, a sense of lightness, the ability to feel.  #yoga #wisdom #yogaeverydamnday  #jfbmfr #pratyahara #jfbmyofascialrelease #distraction #direction #thoughtoftheday

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Thought of the Day 2/28/2018


Science and technology don’t hold a candle to the human spirit.
All the fancy gadgets and “routine” surgeries available to us lack human connection.  Even our doctors, who take a pledge to do no harm, spend at most 15 minutes with their patient and the best they can do is offer a pill or going under the knife. Who can truly heal in such a sterile, impersonal, and harmful environment?

Yoga and bodywork use the tool of touch and compassion and feeling.  It allows the person to get in tune with their body, to feel their body and treat the cause as well as the manifested symptoms, not mask and ‘fix’ their problem.
Disease is apart of you not an alien that invaded your body.  So, instead of telling a part of you, “you’re bad, I must get rid of you”, show compassion to the disease.  Nourish the area instead of cutting it out.  Love is the ultimate cure.
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #nonviolence #ahimsa #love #feel #nourish #confusedgirlla #confusedgirl #findyourtruenature